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Why all this?


The extraordinary problems that a global pandemic like COVID-19 is causing on global, economic and other public health systems will long maintain discussions on networks. Such situations with too often dramatic consequences deserve more reflection than ever on the corrections that we will have to make to our way of life so that the current human condition stops deteriorating.

Because we are too many to consume too much, for the first time in human history we unfortunately today have the opportunity to speak openly about our survival without being considered as extremist activists. And in these conditions, we also have the possibility, and the duty even to organize ourselves differently, and to ignore our backward establishments which still dare to believe in the self-regulation of the markets and this, in full decline of capitalism.

In fact there are, alas, apart from COVID-19, several significant additional threats that we will face sooner or later, separately or cumulatively. The recently created Commission for the Human Future, for example, recognizes the ability of humans to destroy their own habitat more and more quickly. Among other things, she isolated ten potentially catastrophic threats to human survival :

  1. Shortage of natural resources (water)
  2. Loss of biodiversity
  3. Overcrowding
  4. Climatic changes
  5. Pollution
  6. Food supply
  7. Nuclear weapons
  8. Pandemics and incurable diseases
  9. Technological threat
  10. Lack of prevention by governments in the face of these threats

To echo the concerns expressed by this Commission, in the shock documentary presented to us by Michael Moore "Planet of the Humans", after having perfectly demonstrated that it is no longer viable to continue to consume as we do, it is concluded that "We humans must accept that infinite growth on a finite planet is suicide. We must accept that our human presence is already far beyond sustainability. And all that that implies."

So it is imperative that we stop believing in what is killing us slowly, and invent something else, together.

Assuming this is possible, what will be the transition we will have to go through to survive?

We share here the vision expressed in the documentary "Planet of the Humans", and have the intimate certainty that the solution passes by the conscience, by an increase of our social conscience. Without this awareness, no effective transition, no real transformation will be possible.

As far as we are concerned, the Humanity Network proposes the creation of autonomous citizen networks by which the citizens of a city, village or district will be able to initially meet virtually in order to reflect, and start to recreate this bond of belonging to the community that we once had, this social conscience that we have lost over the years. In the ultra-individualistic world in which we are, the task looks difficult.

We will then be able to begin to reorganize consciously, concretely in our immediate environment, according to what we have experienced and decided together, politically if necessary.

The most aware will be the first to participate, to understand what we are putting forward, but rest assured that everything we are talking about here, our survival, depends only on our individual involvement in a better organization collective of our environments of life.

Unfortunately, there will be other pandemics, perhaps even caused by viruses contained in permafrost in northern areas that are being exploited more and more. There will be other pandemics, other environmental disasters such as gigantic forest fires, more floods and tornadoes, many migrations of destitute peoples, natural resources will continue to decrease and each time the debts, whether public, corporate or individual, will continue to increase to the point where they cannot adequately meet the needs of the populations.

A local and more human reorganization of our living environments is absolutely necessary. It is up to us to find out how to get there.

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Today February 29, 2020
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