In a spirit of cooperation


At Humanity Network, as much as possible, we will try to set up a solidarity cooperative (users, workers and support members) to effectively structure and manage the activities of this project and to guarantee its sustainability in a democratic and participative spirit.

Promoting cooperation in a technological context goes without saying. Sharing resources or information remains without a doubt one of the finest forms of cooperation today, across all disciplines.

In this sense, we therefore intend to share, once the interfaces of citizen networks have been stabilized, the applications (open source) used as well as the know-how necessary to integrate them into each other. System administrators from everywhere will be able to create their own citizen networks in their language. If they wish, they can even register their towns and villages on the Humanity Network card.

At the point where we are at the moment of publishing these lines, in full period of confinement, we can only wait for the verdict of the public, only judge to really know if the ideas that we present are worthy of our time.

We will see what will happen to all this ;-)

Translated by Google Translate ;-)

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