Creation of Citizen Networks - By the citizens and for the citizens

Why all this?

"We could give several answers to this question, but in short we will say first that a well organized community remains in our opinion the best foundation, the best insurance policy against the problems inherent in transitional periods like ours, the best remedy against the gloom which could then become contagious, or any other collective misfortune hardly surmountable when one is isolated and alone. "

You have just read the first paragraph of "Why all this?", this text written well before the announcement of a possible pandemic, as if we had felt in advance the catastrophe coming on us and this, in front of the equally surprising fact that we were just preparing to officially launch the Humanity Network.

We thought then, at the time of this writing, that we had at least ten years ahead of us to prepare for the great eco-economic shock that we will inevitably have to face one day or another.

Today, not only do we have to fight in containment against the rapid and widespread spread of a devastating virus, but we will have, in the months that follow, to face socioeconomic problems complex  and difficult.

Without going into details, it is very likely that our economic regime is at the end of the cycle, and that we are witnessing the collapse of capitalism as said in a recent article of Alain Denault, philosopher and author of several works on tax havens. Is the house of cards of the worldwide economy collapsing? If so, on what basis shall we rebuild? Are we going to make the same mistakes again? Many questions are coming, of course…

Certainly, our administrators will not be able to do everything alone. Citizens will be called not only to participate, but sometimes to invent solutions that will allow them to revitalize and re-harmonize the life of their towns and villages. We may even be able to speak shortly of a citizen reorganization capable of embodying values more human, and on these same values ​​renew our current organizations: social, political and economic.

Alas, we don’t have 10 years to prepare and react. We must, right now, start to create something collectively, a unifying project capable of dissolving our fears while channeling our energies positively into a cooperative project like the Humanity Network, like a large cooperative that we need to design and build, a place that belongs to all of us and that invites us to work together, each in his everyday living environment.

We can see it as a unique opportunity to change what was no longer working. So why not try to invent something else together.

So here is the original text that we wrote and which describes why the Humanity Network has been created.

Why all this?

We could give several answers to this question, but in short we will say first that a well organized community remains in our opinion the best foundation, the best insurance policy against the problems inherent in transitional periods like ours, the best remedy against gloom which could become contagious, or any other collective misfortune difficult to overcome when one is isolated and alone.

But where is the problem you say?

In reality, the real problem today is not climatic, as everyone seems to believe. The climate crisis is only the consequence of a much more structural problem which calls into question our economic system, a world economic system founded on a hypothetical infinite growth, without mechanism of control, whereas the environment in which it evolves is part of a finished set.

Unfortunately for us, and this is mathematical, because this same growth at all costs of our economies depends essentially on the growth of planetary consumption, and because the rate and the way in which we consume are not controlled by any monitoring device of the pollution generated, without any truly effective national or international strategy for safeguarding the human environment and living species, it has been demonstrated beyond any doubt that we will need, for example, space and resources from another planet in just 50 years to meet demand. We are walking blindly towards a horrible precipice, believing that we cannot do much about it, at least individually.

Such information, abundant and solidly documented now, scientifically proven, would normally push us to radically change the way we consume, the way we live. Unfortunately for us once again, and everyone will agree, such changes in our lifestyle seem impossible to us. The past thirty years have shown us that we are practically incapable of it. Everything is going much faster than our ability to react. Our reptilian brain (striatum) likes to believe that everything is not so bad, and all the social and media fabric is organized to hypnotize us in this sense.

In the choices and the possibilities which are offered to us, we can therefore continue to sweep under the carpet the warnings which have been addressed to us for all these years, and wait to be forced to intervene, overwhelmed by a combination of problems (political, social, climatic or economic) ever more complex , always more impossible to solve as the financial burden increases.

On the other hand, we could start immediately to work on changing our behaviors gradually, collectively, so that we can gradually prepare for what will, certainly, astonish us like a presidential promise. We are 10, 15, maybe even 20 years ahead of us. During this time we can do a lot, including inventing something else, together. Nothing prevents.

And this is the strategic objective of the Humanity Network: to dare a citizen experience capable of reinvigorating the sociological basis of our local humanity.

By the cooperation between the communities of the Network and the information which circulates there, the citizens will be brought to share their ideas, to reflect on the gestures, the actions which can be implemented concretely and this, directly in their city or village, their everyday living environment.

We must find out alternative solutions capable of reacting intelligently to this great and toxic Mechanical System in which governments and elected officials are today trapped.

To console the skeptics, even if none of these misfortunes everywhere foreseen get materialized, we will never be losers by working together for a better civic organization, to develop our local economies, to imagine a better quality of life, a way of less demanding, an ideally healthier life.

"Reason has never created a revolution. It is the soul of the peoples that has generated them all, each time it was threatened, as it is today."

In fact, the Humanity Network as presented today is only the new chapter of an adventure started more than 30 years ago. We tell the whole story of this adventure in a book. Unfortunately, this book is not yet translated into English. We plan to launch a "KickStarter"project to get funds that will afford the cost of a professional translator.

Welcome everyone!

Translator's note: This text has been translated by Google Translate ;-) Suggestions and improvements are welcome!