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Privacy and Democracy

Imagining a world where everyone legally owns the data that concerns them personally, where we can decide who can buy our data and who can use it, remains without question the main challenge of our democratic societies.

Today, the richest companies are in the field of information technology. Therefore, if the digital giants (GAFA) are becoming more powerful, it is because people's personal data is more valuable than oil. And if these companies have an almost invaluable value, it is because they exploit the personal data which are offered to them on a silver platter.

At the Humanity Network the confidentiality rules are as follows:

1. The user perfectly controls the use of the data concerning him. He can delete all or part of his publications, or even close his account if he wishes.

2. User data is neither compiled nor used for commercial purposes. They will therefore never be sold.

3. Users will never be profiled, that is to say classified into categories that would allow to be better manipulated for mercantile or political purposes.

4. Our systems are decentralized and independent of each other, making aggressive political campaigns almost impossible to organize effectively.

5. For those who would like to know exactly why the protection of personal data becomes a challenge of paramount importance that we must collectively take up right now, we suggest the viewing of an extremely interesting documentary called "The Great Hack", available on Netflix at this address:

Without going into an interminable description of this shocking documentary, we will quote only one testimony, that of Mr. Roger McNamee, one of the first Facebook's investors who says this:

  • "Facebook was designed to monopolize our attention.
  • "They use all the means of propaganda possible and associate them with the tricks which prevail in the casinos, as with the slot machines.
  • "Playing on instinct, fear and anger remains the most reliable way to monopolize attention.
  • "Facebook has therefore created a series of tools allowing advertisers (commercial or politic) to exploit the weaknesses of people who can be influenced more easily with the help of precise targeting.
  • "There are therefore more than 2 billion people who live in a reality created especially for them.
  • "But when someone lives in his own reality, he becomes easier to manipulate.
  • "And the worst part of it is that Facebook knows it is killing you.
  • "I had helped create Facebook and I really felt guilty.
  • "What I wanted was to be able to look at myself in a mirror. "

If this testimony explains to us how we are individually manipulated, the objective of this documentary is to show us how we are collectively manipulated, how our democracies are threatened and this, by concrete examples of manipulation of electorates which took place during recent years in several countries.
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